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Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco

Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco by SX Brands is without a doubt, one of the best-selling RYO blends on the market today. But then again, if you’re into manufacturing your own smokes, then you already know, Criss Cross is the truth in terms of quality & affordability! 

In addition to that, Criss Cross Pipe Tobacco is rich, smooth, and above all, satisfying! In fact, this good stuff is twice as satisfying as a cigarette! Plus, we sell it in a 1lb bag, which is enough to roll up to 30 packs of RYO cigarettes! So as you can see, switching to Criss Cross is a win-win opportunity! Plus, we’ll deliver to you, regardless of where you live in the United States! 

On that note, pick up a 16oz bag(s) of Criss Cross today and never look back! Not only will you feel better about the change, but you’ll have a lot of extra cash on hand to enjoy other things as well. So don’t pay for another expensive pack of so-called name brand cigarettes again, switch to RYO and change the way you smoke forever!