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Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco

Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is without question, one of the most sought after RYO brands on the market. Not to mention, it’s one of our best sellers here at Bluegrass Tobacco as well. So as you can see, when it comes to supply & demand, Cheyenne is a must-have! 

But then again, Cheyenne Pipe Tobacco is rich in flavor, superior in quality, and super affordable! In fact, you can score a 16oz bag at Bluegrass for a price that’ll save you cash right off the bat, guaranteed. Also, keep in mind, 1lb of Cheyenne RYO Pipe Tobacco is enough to roll 25 to 30 packs of cigarettes! So if you’re looking to save some serious cash, then switching to RYO is the way to go!

With this in mind, don’t procrastinate another day, pick up a bag of Cheyenne RYO Pipe Tobacco today and save! We deliver nationwide, so order with confidence and leave the rest to us! Also, keep in mind, Cheyenne comes in three blends, Regular, Menthol, and Gold! So as you can see, this RYO brand has you fully covered.