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Cherokee Pipe Tobacco

Cherokee Pipe Tobacco is without question, one of the best selling RYO brands on the market today! Not to mention, this good stuff is super affordable! So if you’re looking for all-natural pipe tobacco that you can roll on the go, then, by all means, give Cherokee a try! 

That’s right; Cherokee is made from rich, sun-cured Kentucky burley and sweet Virginia tobacco, meaning it tastes great. In addition to that, this fine blend is American-grown and American-sold. Plus, it’s available for nationwide delivery, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Peurto Rico! So as you can see, our reach at Bluegrass Tobacco is deep!

With that said, order your supply of Cherokee Pipe Tobacco today and let the savings begin! Each bag comes stuffed with 1lb of premium-grade tobacco ready to roll. In fact, you can manufacture up to 30 packs of smokes for the same price as 2 packs of so-called name brand cigarettes! As you can see, switching to RYO is a game-changer in terms of savings!