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De Nobili Cigars

De Nobili Cigars by Avanti is indeed an all-American, machine-made classic produced in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Not only are these cigars a top-seller, but they’re also superior-tasting as well. But then again, De Nobilo Cigars are made with 100% all-natural dark fire-cured Kentucky burley! 

So if you’re looking for a full-bodied cigar that’s extra rich in flavor and extremely satisfying, then perhaps now is the best time to give De Nobili Cigars a try! Indeed, these bad boys are bold, original, and pair great with red wine & spirits! 

Plus, they’re affordable, which you wouldn’t expect after trying one for the first time! So if you’ve never had the pleasure or opportunity to smoke a De Nobili Cigar and you’re reading this, then here’s your chance to reverse the facts and save some cash in the process! 

That’s right; at Bluegrass Tobacco, we offer De Nobili Cigars in Bulk! In fact, we carry 10-pack & 20-pack deals! So don’t settle for less and pay more, order online at Bluegrass today and save! We deliver nationwide, including PR, so where you call home is how far we’ll go to deliver you De Nobili Cigars, guaranteed.