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City Life Cigarillos

City Life Cigarillos by Good Times USA is without a doubt, America’s favorite cigar of the year! In fact, these bad boys dominate in sales so the above statement is more than just an opinion! But then again, if you’ve ever had the privilege of smoking a City Life Cigarillo, then you already know, these cigars are the real deal, Holyfield. 

That’s right; City Life Cigarillos are a knockout in terms of flavor and affordability! Indeed, these sticks are made with pure, premium-grade Dominican tobacco and available at Bluegrass for a price you won’t find anywhere else online! As you can see, our price for a 15-count box, which includes 75 cigars is unbeatable! Not to mention, we’ll deliver your supply of City Life nationwide! So as you can see, Bluegrass will bring the goods straight to your door, regardless of where you live in the United States. Including Puerto Rico! 

With this in mind, we now carry all six original flavors of City Life Cigarillos at Bluegrass Tobacco! So pick your flavor, shoot us an address, and consider it a done deal. Also, keep in mind, the more you buy, the more you save, and that’s a promise we intend to keep! On that note, load up today and take advantage of our unique free shipping promo, available with each and every purchase, guaranteed.