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Black & Mild Cigars

Black & Mild Cigars by John Middleton Tobacco Company is indeed one of the best-selling cigars of all time! In fact, is there anyone left who hasn’t smoked a Black? Probably, not. But then again, as we said, Black & Milds are America’s top choice cigar, hands down! 

So if you enjoy Black & Mild Cigars as so many of us do, then don’t settle for less by paying more! That’s right; at Bluegrass Tobacco, we offer a variety of box deals in bulk! Better yet, we carry every flavor including Apple, Blues, Casino, Cream, Deluxe, Sweets, Jazz, Royal, Select, Wine, and of course, everyone’s favorite, Original. Plus, we carry wood tips, filters, shorts, and cigarillos! So as you can see, we cover all your Black & Mild needs, guaranteed. And if you see something missing, then don’t hesitate to give us a ring! 

All in all, Black & Mild Cigars are a must-have if you enjoy them as much as we do! So if you’re tired of overpaying, then skip the trip to the store and order online at Bluegrass today and save! As of now, we carry 10-pack box deals and 25-count display boxes as well. With this in mind, pick up a few cases of Black & Mild Cigars today and start saving right away!