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Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods Cigars are yet another all-American classic. In fact, they’ve been a #1 best-seller for roughly 50 years now! But then again, these bad boys are made with all-natural Dominican tobacco and a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which delivers a delicious, sweet and mild flavor, unlike anything you’ve ever tried, guaranteed. 

In addition to that, Backwoods have really grown in popularity, especially among the hip-hip community! As you know, they’re every rapper’s preferred cigar. In fact, they’re ours too, and we’re just good ole country folk from Kentucky! So if you're looking superior-tasting cigars that are slow-burning and affordable, then, by all means, give Backwoods a try and discover what all the hype is about! 

Furthermore, Backwoods cigars come in several tasty flavors including Black & Sweet, Black Russian, Dark Stout, Honey, Honey Berry, Honey Bourbon, Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, and of course, Original, which by far is our #1 top-seller! So as you can see, when it comes to options, Bluegrass Tobacco holds it down! In other words, we have plenty to select from! 

All in all, Backwoods Cigars are a top-choice brand, the record amount of sales we see every week speaks volumes! So if you’re looking for a real cigar, then order your supply today and we’ll deliver your smokes straight to your door, even if you live deep off in the Backwoods!