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April 11, 2020 4 min read

When it comes to rolling your herb, keeping it 100% green is a must, that’s why we recommend using organic Hemp wraps! As you know, a lot of folks use tobacco-based cigars & cigarillos as a way of rolling one’s flowers; however, there’s a better way and we’re here to talk about it with you! 

First and foremost, we respect your way of smoking, we also have our way as well. But when it comes to keeping it organic and clean, Hemp wraps are a must-have, unless you prefer smoking from a pipe of course! If not, then you should definitely consider going all-natural. After all, we’re now living in a time of self-consciousness, which means changing the way we do things, including the way we smoke a blunt. 

Choosing The Right Brand Without Disappointment 

With Hemp being legal on a federal level, we’ve seen several brands raise to the occasion and produce their own organic Hemp wraps! With that said, let’s examine the Top 4 Best Selling Organic Hemp Wraps on the market today! 

Our selection is based on quality, affordability, and popularity, meaning sales. Also, we’re not trying to convince you to try something new, although we would like to see you improve the flavor of your smoke by going green all the way! So without further delay, let’s dive into the conversation...

High Hemp Organic Wraps 

Without hesitation, we recommend giving High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps a try! Not only are they the world’s first Hemp Wraps, but they’re also made with 100% premium-quality Hemp

Indeed, these bad boys are nicotine & tobacco-free! Also, they contain zero traces of harmful additives, including gluten and GMOs.

In addition, High Hemp Organic Wraps are naturally free of all pesticides. Plus, they feature a natural dose of raw CBD. That’s right; this brand keeps it original, they don’t infuse their wraps as some companies do. 

You can check out the brand’s laboratory report HERE, we’re sure you’ll be impressed. 

High Hemp Organic Wraps come in several exciting flavors, and we carry them all. Plus, we only carry bulk items at Bluegrass! In fact, our 25-pack boxes sell for a price found nowhere else online, guaranteed. On that note, choose your flavor and scoop up a box today and save! 

High Hemp Organic Wraps | All Flavors

✔ High Hemp Organic Bananagoo 

✔ High Hemp Organic Blazin Cherry 

✔ High Hemp Organic Grape 

✔ High Hemp Organic Honey 

✔ High Hemp Organic Hydro Lemonade 

✔ High Hemp Organic Maui Mango

✔ High Hemp Organic Pineapple 

✔ High Hemp Organic Natural

Order Your Supply of High Hemp Organic Wraps HERE

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Wraps

In terms of quality and affordability, Hemparillo Wraps by Royal Blunts is indeed a supreme! Not only are these bad boys cheap and made from premium, all-natural organic Hemp, but they’re also great-tasting and slow-burning as well. 

So if you’re looking to go green, then here’s your chance to make that happen! Royal Blunts Hemparillo Wraps are 100% clean and tobacco-free! In other words, Hemparillos are non-addictive and made with only pure Hemp, nothing more, nothing less! Plus, they’re rich in flavor and come in several exciting flavors! 

That’s right; Hemparillos comes in seven unique flavors, so whatever you’re into, this brand has you covered. Plus, if you order online at Bluegrass you’ll automatically save a ton of cash! As you can see by the price, our 15-pack boxes are loaded with value! With that said, choose your flavor and let us know where to deliver! 

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Wraps | All Flavors

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Berries 

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Cali Fire

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Mango Haze

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Naked

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo OGK

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Strawberry

✔ Royal Blunts Hemparillo Rillo Sweets

Order Your Supply of Hemparillos HERE

Twisted Hemp Wraps

Twisted Hemp Wraps are without a doubt one of the best selling brands on the market today! Not only are they hot by popular demand, but they’re also affordable as well. But then again, these wraps are made with premium, high-quality, all-American Hemp

In addition to that, Twisted Hemp Wraps are natural and organic in flavor, plus they’re rich, smooth, and slow-burning as well. So if you’re looking to clean up your act and Go Green, then, by all means, give Twisted Hemp a spin! Our 15-pack bundle boxes are now listed for a price no other retailer can compete with, online or off. 

With this in mind, select your flavor, shoot us an address, and we’ll be on our way with your supply of Twisted Hemp Wraps! Oh, yeah, and Bluegrass Tobacco delivers nationwide! Plus, we offer Free Shipping on all orders over $199, every time, guaranteed.

Twisted Hemp Wraps | All Flavors

✔ Twisted Hemp Blue Banana

✔ Twisted Hemp Blue Raspberry Cherry

✔ Twisted Hemp California Dream

✔ Twisted Hemp Endless Summer

✔ Twisted Hemp Grape Burst

✔ Twisted Hemp Hang 10 Mango

✔ Twisted Hemp Honey Citrus

✔ Twisted Hemp Just Hemp

✔ Twisted Hemp Plain Jane Natural

✔ Twisted Hemp Sweet

✔ Twisted Hemp Tropical Breeze

✔ Twisted Hemp Vanilla Smooth

Order Your Supply of Twisted Hemp Wraps HERE 

Zags Hemp Wraps

In terms of quality and name recognition, Zig Zag stands out loud and proud. With that said, it’s our honor here at Bluegrass Tobacco to introduce the brand’s newest addition, Zags Hemp Wraps! These bad boys are rich, organic, and made with pure, all-natural Hemp

So if you’re looking for a brand that you can trust, then, by all means, go green and give Zags a try! Indeed, these wraps are smooth, moist, and of course, slow-burning, just as you would expect. Plus, they’re available in a 25-count box, meaning you pay less! With this in mind, pick up all four flavors of Zags Hemp Wraps and never look back! 

All in all, Zags Hemp Wraps are worth every cent spent. Also, they’re available for nationwide delivery, including HI, AK, & PR! So don’t delay, embrace change and give Zags a chance today! Stock up now and we’ll be on our way! 

Zags Hemp Wraps | All Flavors 

✔ Zags Hemp Wraps Blazin Blue

✔ Zags Hemp Wraps Original

✔ Zags Hemp Wraps Purple Chill

✔ Zags Hemp Wraps Tropic Trip 

Order Your Supply of Zags Hemp Wraps HERE 

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