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April 06, 2020 3 min read

Roll Your Own (RYO) cigarettes is without a doubt a money-saver! Indeed, rolling your own smokes could save you thousands of dollars every year! However, don’t take it from us alone, let’s do the math and figure this one out together! After all, numbers don’t lie! 

First and foremost, RYO Pipe Tobacco isn’t just an affordable option, it’s also a healthier option as well. That’s right; in comparison with name brand cigarettes, RYO tobacco is cleaner, tastier, and a whole lot cheaper! In fact, you can score a 16oz (1lb) bag at Bluegrass Tobacco for as low as ten bucks on any given day! 

RYO & Save - Here's the Math 

On that note, let’s jump into some numbers! As tested by Bluegrass, you can roll up to 600 cigarettes with 16 ounces of tobacco. Although, the majority of folks who manufacture their smokes from home say 500 cigarettes per pound is the average number, so it depends on the tube size and who you’re asking. Either way, 500 to 600 cigarettes, or 25 to 30 packs worth of smokes for less than fifteen-bucks is a killer deal. 

Looking at it from that perspective, one should be able to save thousands of dollars every year! On average, most Americans spend $7 to $15 a day on state-taxed cigarettes, but the multimillion-dollar question is, why? Surely, it can’t be for convenience! With the time needed to pick up smokes every day, there is no convenience in going to the store to scoop up cigarettes! 

With that said, you can purchase a kickass cigarette rolling machine, electric or manual, from us here at Bluegrass and automatically save time, money, and gas! The truth is, it only takes a few minutes to machine roll a pack of cigarettes! Now, we’re not sure how much you’ll save in terms of time, but you’ll save, and saving time is priceless

Speaking of savings, if you can manufacture 25 to 30 packs of cigarettes for roughly fifteen-bucks, then that should be enough to get you through the month! So if you’re paying up to $600 every 30 days on cigarettes, then clearly you’re ripping yourself off. In other words, you’re spending up to $6,000 a year at one pack a day! 

As you can see, switching to RYO Tobacco is a game-changer! You shouldn’t have to spend more than $300 a year on cigarettes, and that’s the truth! But like we said before, numbers don’t lie! All you have to do is score a 1lb bag of RYO Pipe Tobacco, pick up a cigarette rolling machine, a box of filters, and start counting your savings, immediately

Restructure Your Budget and Start Saving Today

All in all, switching to RYO Tobacco is a rewarding experience and will save you thousands of dollars! So don’t spend more and settle for less, switch to rolling your own cigarettes today and start getting more bang for your buck! 

The choice is now yours to make! You can keep paying more or you can kick those expensive squares to the curb and start rolling your own cigarettes from home! We’ve been in the business for several decades, and we hate seeing good folks lose thousands of dollars over nothing! 

So to do something about it, we decided to offer our bulk supplyof RYO Pipe Tobacco & Cigars online at a price your local retailer can’t compete with! In fact, they buy from us as well. So go browse our vast selection of tobacco and let us know if you have any questions or suggestion, we’d love to hear from you! 

Not sure what brand to try? No problem, we have a chart that you can use to determine your flavor! Click Here Now to Search & Compare!

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